Mr. I Wayan Suantara is the founder and owner of the UD Partha Jaya factory. His background that cares for the farmers in his village makes him want to fight for the welfare of Arak farmers in Karangasem.

Our factory has been established since 2006 to be precise at Banjar Dinas Karangasem, Sengkidu village, Manggis districts, Karangasem Regency, Bali Province. Around our factory there are so many farmers who work as Arrack raw material collectors, because there are many, Coconut, Palm Trees, Rice Fields and Salak.
Therefore, our factory never stops farmers bringing their crops to our factory to be processed into Arrack.
The license we have is a valid permit from the Licensing Service for the Alcoholic Beverage Industry category. With class A for the type of beer, B for the type of Wine or Liquor and C for the Spirit.
The owner of factory the name’s Mr. I Wayan Suantara, together with his partner name’s Mr. Rathu Agung Ngurah to produce Arrack Bali branded “Karangasem”.

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Natural atmosphere in the middle of a palm tree plantation.